Established in the Summer of 2018, tabletop-test.com is a website dedicated to news, reviews, and interviews related to the hobby of tabletop gaming.

Mission Statement:

Tabletop gaming is for everyone. Here at tabletop-test.com, it’s our mission to produce entertaining, informative, and thoughtful content that celebrates tabletop gaming and the people we play games with. We offer unique and diverse perspectives on your favorite tabletop games, including RPGs, board games, card games, and war games with a focus on being inclusive and approachable.

Diversity Statement:

Humans are social creatures, and tabletop games are inherently social. Each of us brings our own unique experiences and knowledge to the table, and when we play a game together, we are all enriched. Here at tabletop-test.com, we know that tabletop games are for everyone. In much the same way, the content produced here should be created for, and by, as broad a spectrum of humanity as possible.

We all have biases, and no one is perfect, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to be better. To do better. Every day, we will work towards growing and maintaining diversity in our opinions, viewpoints, backgrounds, and content creators to avoid becoming insular and exclusionary.


TK Johnson – Contributing Writer

TK is a speculative fiction writer and part-time eldritch horror. They can be found as a cast member of The Demonplague, Unearthly Twilights, The Land Between Two Rivers, and Hell’s Belles on the Don’t Split the Podcast, WebDM, and Dungeons & Dragons networks, respectively. Their gothic and cosmic horror stories can be found at tkjwrites.com and very soon in print in a collaborative set of short stories and comics with artist Kayla Cline. TK themself can be found on Twitter @tkjoinsthefray.




Jess Townshend – Contributing Writer

Jess is based in Oxford, United Kingdom and has been playing Games Workshop (and many other) games since the early 90’s. Her painting ‘to do’ pile is old enough to vote and it is rumoured she can explain THAC0.






Ruel Gaviola – Contributing Writer

Ruel is a writer based in Southern California. He loves board games, books, cooking, traveling, Star Wars, and date nights with his wife. He writes for Geek & Sundry and iSlaytheDragon, podcasts for The Five By, and his name rhymes with Superman’s Kryptonian name. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog here.






Tifa Robles – Contributing Writer

Tifa is the founder of the Lady Planeswalkers Society (LPS). With over 100 chapters worldwide, LPS creates welcoming, friendly environments to learn and play Magic: The Gathering regardless of gender, skill level, or anything else. The organization also teaches Magic at many conventions. She has worked in the gaming industry since 2010, including at Wizards of the Coast and Xbox. She has a degree in Creative Writing, with a minor in Biological Anthropology from the University of Washington. Tifa is a hardcore lifestyle gamer and a feminist, who enjoys combining the two.


Twitter: @TifaRobles



Chase Rubar – Contributing Writer

A mountain of a man and our very own modern era Diogenes of Sinope, Chase is a being of many talents. He enjoys philosophy, pop culture, games of all kinds, and cursing instead of using commas.





Simon Berman – Guest Writer

Simon is a decade-deep veteran of the wargaming and RPG industry. Formerly a staff writer and social marketing manager at Privateer Press, he’s since worked with Transhuman Studios, Forrest-Pruzan Creative, Big G Creative and numerous other games publishers as a writer and marketing consultant. He also runs his own publishing company, Strix Publishing, specializing in occult art books and illustrated horror fiction. Simon currently lives in Seattle with a large cat.


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Dan Albright

Located in sunny Bellevue Washington, Dan is the owner of tabletop-test.com. He’s been playing board games and card games since he was a kid, and war games since 2010, when he started as a Press Ganger for Monsterpocalypse. Prior to that, he had a small collection of Imperial Fists Space Marines that never saw combat but definitely knew the horrors of a 10 year old with a paint brush.

At least one night a week, you can find him at Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah, Washington.



  • Writing about hobbies
  • Collecting games
  • Looking at miniatures and wondering why he bought them
  • Buying more miniatures