Warhammer Wednesday – Who is Vigilus Burns?

Warhammer Wednesday – Who is Vigilus Burns?

March 6, 2019 Off By Jess

For 80 days Warhammer Community has been telling us some guy called Vigilus Burns the Warmaster will be taking possession of a planet. Admittedly this was according to a guy known to Hark On so pinch of salt I figured. Turns out it was all true and heralded the release of a new centrepiece model for 40k.

If you haven’t already seen this new model it is a sight to behold. Towering over the Primaris Marines, clad in ornate armour of the Baroque style, trimmed in gold, terrifying sword of unnatural power in one hand, devastating gauntlet bearing a bolt weapon on the other, standing atop a slain foe with burning brazier for atmosphere. Glorious, truly glorious.


Just look at it…


10,000 years old, check...

Now that’s a Warmaster! Hang on a minute…


Hold it, hold it. That’s not Mr. Vigilus Burns. Obviously they meant another 10,000 year old relic from the time of the Great Crusade. Someone who has unsurpassed strategic brilliance, who scorns the deeds of Horus Lupercal and organises his troops along the lines of the Legions. Damnit! I mean a beautifully sculpted model with striking pose and several head optio… alright, fine, you get the point now.


Abaddon, gosh I'm hilarious

Vigilus Burns himself. He’s a bad un’


We have an interesting juxtaposition between the supreme commanders of loyalist and traitor in both model and narrative form. That’s both incredibly silly and superbly clever in equal measure. On the shelf they will make superb display pieces facing one another; the bases and poses perfectly complimenting one another. When it comes to the narrative it’s even better in my opinion. Games Workshop is consciously driving forward the story of Warhammer 40,000. Such a move could easily threaten the stagnation and hopelessness of the far future. By pitting two legends out of their time and obsessed with old battles against one another this futility is preserved; all while allowing new stories to develop. That is brilliant.


Possession is 9/10ths of the Lore


Disco inferno

Burn baby burn!


Accompanying the new release is the next chapter in the Imperium Nihilus story. I have a lot of positive things to say about these campaign specific tomes, a lot. They are a source of inspiration for campaigns and army building, packed with narrative goodies and world building alongside beautiful new art. There are also some rules and stuff but that’s an aside rather than the true value. Ultimately how good a new release is on the table pales in comparison to the stories surrounding them and the modelling possibilities they open up. Keeping up with them can be heavy on the pocket but you don’t have to own them to benefit from the general buzz and inspiration.


One more thing…



That is awesome!


In case you hadn’t seen the upcoming ShadowSpear box set… the warmaster isn’t the only new chaos model coming out! Following in the footsteps of the stunning Death Guard revamp we have the Black Legion back on the scene with more ornate, more imposing and more… well more! There are going to be some amazing armies hitting the table very soon as Games Workshop’s new golden age continues.