Warhammer Wednesday – Review: Kill Team Arena

Warhammer Wednesday – Review: Kill Team Arena

February 13, 2019 Off By Jess

Kill Team: Arena – The Reviewing


Are you not entertained?

Like, not a Colosseum type arena, an enclosed area.


‘I know,’ I said to myself one day, ‘I should run a Kill Team tournament.’

‘How do you even do that?’ I replied.

‘Why am I reply to myself out loud?’ I pondered.

Then it hit me (figuratively) the Kill Team: Arena supplement was just out and promised to provide everything I needed to know.


I am so entertained.

The star of the show, double sided boards of awesomenessssss.


What’s in the box?

Having shelled out a significant wodge of cash I was expecting good things from this box set. I was not disappointed. Two beautiful play mats in thick, strong cardboard portraying visually striking kill zones caught my attention immediately. A good play mat really brings out a game and ones optimal for kill team aren’t readily available. The ones in the arena box have the added advantage of impassable obstacles (walls) marked out in grey silhouette. You can fold one up in a bag and not have to worry about carting around terrain.

To add variety to the boards there are two silver plastic sprues; providing ten doors, an array of crates and some cool vent things. In matched play missions these have specific locations and configurations. Although there are two double sided boards there are only enough accessories for one board. In essence this is a two player set. Perfect for playing friends but in tournament play you would need several sets.

Hidden at the bottom were two sets of arena objective cards specific to arena missions. As well as a deck of mission cards with deployment maps, objectives and battlefield set up for matched play. Perfect for quick set up and play without flicking through books.


Those who are about to die.

This book is pretty cool.


So the Arena book then…

We hit the ground running with kill zone rules for each board. As they are double sided that is four new kill zones in total. They are all enclosed spaces so there is a brief note on ‘Ultra-Close confines’ play to begin. These really add atmosphere and address the lack of vertical planes. The kill zones themselves can add exploding barrels, warriors getting lost in the dark or scalding jets of steam depending on your roll. Adding variety in this way is always fun and lessons have been learned from Necromunda: Outlanders all those years ago.

Competitive play is then introduced which is where this supplement shines. Terrain features are standardised aswel as kill team mustering. Arena Objectives are then introduced. These Arena Objectives add variety once more, each mission having a selection of the 12 each player may choose 3 from. They focus largely on taking enemy models out of action or advancing so as to discourage static play styles.

Mission briefs for 1v1 and larger 2v2 games on double boards dominate the majority of pages. These are all tailored to their kill zones with narrative descriptions and victory conditions. Maps provide guidance on door and terrain placement to create an even playing area. A lot of thought has gone into making these fun, balanced and highly playable missions.

Finally we get a section detailing running a tournament with structure, rules, scoring, tie breaks and conduct guidelines. Handy for beginners but nothing ground breaking.


Final Score

Kill Team: Arena is an excellent set and well worth the asking price. It is an essential tool for tournament play but the unavailability of the boards outside the box is a little limiting. As a competitive play set for playing with friends it offers huge potential for fun.

Four Squigs out of Five.


We salute you.

4 Squigs out of 5. A jolly good show.