Warhammer Wednesday – Bye Bye Boys Club

Warhammer Wednesday – Bye Bye Boys Club

January 30, 2019 Off By Jess

Despite what some bigoted youtubers and hysterical dude-bros may claim; Feminists are not battling to take over the Games Workshop hobby. We already won and these relics of mediocrity just haven’t noticed.



Brightheart is always ready to smash the patriarchy.


Community Focus

In recent years Games Workshop have made amazing strides to engage with their customer base. The community team do a stellar job of responding to social media comments and providing a plethora of articles on the Warhammer-Community website. In turn this has enabled direct contact with hobbyists who would shy away from brick and mortar stores. It’s no surprise that the entitled male geek culture of the last few decades has damaged the hobby. All to regular incidents of misogyny and homophobia driving people away from events, stores and clubs.

Increased contact with the wider hobby base has had some wonderful results. We have seen an increased representation of women in the model range in the last couple of years. There has also been a drive to bring the skills of women to the fore. Simply look at the ‘How to Play’ videos presented by Becca Scott or the Funko Pop Design Insights offered by Sarah Kaiser. I wish we had had amazing role models like this representing the hobby when I was starting out.



The blood of angry men from the skull of angry men.



Black Library have been doing their part of challenge the male, pale and stale aspects of the fiction. Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah established the use of gender neutral pronouns in the 41st Millennium; a move long, long overdue. This year the Black Library figure will be none other than celebrated newcomer Commissar Severina Raine the first female Commissar model worth owning. Last year Wanted: Dead introduced the first lesbian protagonists to the lore.  2018’s Black Library Open Submissions made a point of opening up the theme and style of submissions to encourage new and interesting stories.

Age of Sigmar has been leading the charge by exploring the adventures of Neave Blacktalon in First Mark. Shortly followed by Neferata who adds a delicious dose of intrigue and courtly etiquette to the Mortal Realms. If you fancy something easier to read then the comic Role Models has gifted the Age of Sigmar with Brightheart; the Stormcast Eternal we always wanted.


Dakka dakka

Ibram who? Sounds fake but ok.



The decision to make the iconic human character in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower a person of colour was rightly celebrated but cautiously so. Games Workshop has had a shaky past in the representation of non-white cultures and people. Be it a result of systemic racism placing the Orks in the role of Zulu Warriors at Ork’s Drift or the seemingly more sinister decision to make the Salamander space marines skin turn jet black rather than making the residents of Nocturne people of colour.

More and more we see non-white characters on box art and painted by the ‘eavy metal studio, alongside more and more female presenting models being made available. Forgeworld have recently released a range of Stormcast Eternal Upgrade heads that not only bring women to the fore but feature facial sculpts with afro type hair.

Feminism isn’t attacking the hobby, the hobby is becoming increasingly feminist.