3 Fantastic Games for Level 1 Roleplayers

3 Fantastic Games for Level 1 Roleplayers

January 11, 2019 Off By TK

Welcome back, adventurer! Last week we discussed the New Campaign, and listed a few things to consider for designing a new game with your group. This week, we’ll be heading over to DriveThru RPG and check out three RPGs that claim to be “beginner friendly”. For the purposes of this article, we’ll move outside of Dungeons & Dragons, since you can hear about D&D from me literally every other week of the year.

So, let’s step through the door, take a seat at the table, and play some games! Click the photos for links to the purchase pages!


Witch Girls Adventure

Witch Girls Adventures is a delightfully cheerful game of “magic and mischief” where you can design your witch from scratch. The purchase page features brightly painted art that is full of whimsy and promises adventure, and the accompanying video boast a catchy, early-2000s pop tune aimed at the pre-teen consumer base. You can attend magic school, solve mysteries, cause trouble, and perhaps even become powerful, enchanting villainesses in one of the many additional adventures and supplements found on Channel M Publishing’s directory. There is even backstory and exposition presented in comic-book form!


CHOMP! A Survival Horror Role Playing Game

CHOMP! is a fun, fast-paced game (can be set up in fewer than 30 minutes) with only about 50 pages in the rule book. The cover tells you exactly what’s inside: a zombie apocalypse that must be survived! The inside is filled with cartoony illustrations and a simple breakdown of Director and Survivor roles, with lists of necessary (and not-so-necessary) materials. With Skills, Traits, and Tactics (and many a little bit of luck), you, too, will be readily equipped to survive and thrive during the end of the world. Not bad for about 5 dollars!


Wicked Lies and Alibis

A murder mystery set in the Jazz Age? Count me in! Wicked Lies’ cover is full of passion and energy, colored in stark noir black, white, and metallic gold. It’s a little bit Werewolf, a little bit Clue, and a little bit dinner theatre. Did the man choke on poison? Was he strangled with a pearl necklace? Did he run into his wife’s knife…ten times??? The game comes with 9 pre-generated murder mysteries and historical information on the Art Deco era to assist immersion. It’s elementary, my dear!


Honorable Mention: Whisper City Pro-Wrestling Playtest

I could not finish this article without mentioning the playtest for Whisper City Pro-Wrestling. It’s very much in the vein of indie, small-town wrestling and fans of Netflix’s gloriously 80s romp, GLOW, will be certain to love it! Add in aliens, mutants, and the apocalypse with oodles of customization and you’re ready to grapple, backflip, and elbow drop your way to ultimate stardom!


That’s all for this week, adventurers! Next week we’ll be conducting an interview with a new game store just outside Louisville Metro in Kentucky: Swords and Boards. We’ll get into the heads and shoes of two great guys who are following their dream of running a FLGS together, and taking a look at some of the incredibly awesome events and initiatives they are bringing…well…to the table!

Happy adventuring!