New Year Hobby Resolutions 2019

New Year Hobby Resolutions 2019

January 2, 2019 Off By Jess

Set realistic goals

Entirely new type of Astartes? No worries.


Our hobby is full of amazingly skilled people who are truly inspiring. You do not have to match their skills. A Golden Demon entry can take an entire year of painstaking work to complete; a few hours of painting time a month may not yield similar results. Sculpting skills take years to develop and Games Workshop models are now sculpted digitally. Be aware some blending effects are achieved by airbrush and would take considerable work to replicate with a brush. If you are looking to complete your army in a short time simplify the paint scheme, you can always touch up later.



We are at the start of a new Golden Age of Games Workshop. I haven’t even got my hands on Pri-Marneus Calgar and already there is a new Goblin release on the horizon. The new Sisters of Battle release scheduled for 2019 means things won’t slow down anytime soon.


Look at these adorable wuzzles!


Now is the time to set out a budget. Are you going to set money aside for a big purchase later in the year? Would you prefer to pick things up piecemeal? Have you factored in the cost of new codexes? Will your paints need replacing?


Slay the hoard

Cadia won’t stand for hoarding.


Do you really need three unopened boxes of models? Are you ever going to turn the pile of junk into terrain? Either schedule a time to do it or shed those hoarding tendencies. Ebay is a great place to shift models and get a bit of cash back. Alternatively there are charitable options available; organisations like Models for Heroes rely on support from hobbyists to do their work. Closer to home there are usually young relatives or friends in a rough patch who would gain joy from a new project.


Challenge yourself

Evil Gobbo believes in you.


Being mindful that any goal should be realistic; find a way to push your skills. Last year I focussed on my sculpting skills and produced a full miniature. This year I will be improving on this to sculpt faces that actually look human. Perhaps next year I can work on sculpting more realistic hands? It’s easy to stagnate and rest on our laurels when it comes to hobby skill. The smallest of steps can reinvigorate enthusiasm and open new possibilities; even if those steps are sideways or even backwards. Every disaster is a potential challenge or failing that; terrain piece.


Embrace Positivity

Sanguinius is all about the positivity.


Parts of the community are pretty negative I’m sad to say. The tantrums over Age of Sigmar replacing Fantasy Battle still rage on. By all means mourn your old favourites (RIP Brettonia) but don’t forget we have snake elves and shark elves now!

Likewise celebrate the new talent releases like Warhammer Adventures and Conquest Magazine will bring to the fold. Don’t let the plonkers on Youtube act as gatekeepers to a hobby for everyone. Similarly if you turn up to local clubs and spend the entire time moaning you will alienate new members. The hobby is there to bring you joy, let it.